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Your success is poq’s success. Align mobile app investment to grow with your digital commerce strategy and returns. Access best-in-class development and innovation capabilities to maximize customer engagement and sales.


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From rapid app launch or replatform to full SDK access, choose the poq platform package to grow with and support your business needs using our Shopify, Salesforce and Elevate packages.

Salesforce native app platform (SNAP)

Accelerate digital growth with the Salesforce native app platform (SNAP) by poq
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) low-code platform pre-integration
  • No-code app configuration and management tools
  • App-specific features: wishlists, Stories and Swipe To Like
  • Flexible CMS options
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Shopify native app platform (SNAP)

Grow digital returns with the Shopify native app platform (SNAP) by poq
  • Shopify low code pre-integration
  • App-specific features: wishlists, Stories and Swipe To Like
  • Flexible CMS options
  • No code App styling and management
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Any ecommerce


Accelerate your native mobile app success with Elevate
  • Ecommerce platform integration
  • No-code app configuration and management tools
  • App-specific features and functionality
  • Develop your app using our Native App Commerce SDK & Extensible APIs*
  • Headless CMS Integration*
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*Elevate Right to Develop only

Access flexible poq packages to boost app growth

The Elevate platform underpinning every poq app provides headless integration for maximum agility and composable control over your mobile app environments. Use the Elevate Right to Develop package for in-house or partner development.
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“We chose poq based on their expertise in building apps that empower businesses like ours to engage customers and facilitate financial success.”

Andrew Clarke, CEO, Francesca’s Holdings Corp.
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Cotton Traders Poq
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“App enables more inspirational and engaging content. We expected existing customers to shift, but there’s been a big growth in new customers too.”

Shona Jameson, Chief Marketing Officer, Cotton Traders
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Studio Retail Poq
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“Native mobile apps deliver great customer experience benefits while working with a platform enables a fast pace of change.”

Chris Chalmers, Marketing and Digital Director, Studio Retail
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Does my business need a mobile app?

Want to go beyond just tactical selling to consumers online and instead, nurture more profitable long-term customer relationships? Then you need mobile apps. 

The poq Elevate native mobile app development platform enables brands and retailers to create outstanding flagship shopping experiences for their customers. Anywhere. These apps play a crucial role in optimizing digital strategy and fostering a more loyal, frequent and therefore, valuable, digital user base. Native mobile apps also provide a seamless omnichannel link between a digital flagship customer experience and enhanced shopping journeys instore. 

Our native poq apps take advantage of advanced mobile hardware and software features, such as geolocation, loyalty or mobile wallet integration; and enhanced sales and marketing services, including push notifications, barcode scanning, store finder, augmented reality, order tracking, instore collection and more. Such features are proven to increase cross-channel customer acquisition and conversion, as well as boosting frequency and retention. 

Why should my business choose native mobile apps?

Native mobile apps offer a superior development environment, user experience (UX) and, in specific regards to commerce, a superior customer experience (CX). They are also now easier to build due to the availability of mature developer platforms, tools and software development kits (SDKs), such as poq’s Elevate Front and Backend-as-a-Service offerings. Native apps also enable superior performance and greater functionality, as they are built directly on top of mobile device components and operating system (OS) resources.

They are faster than progressive web apps (PWAs), can work offline, and are safe and secure — native apps must first be approved by an app store. Publishing on app stores builds credibility for your brand, while the use of sophisticated mobile OS-based device capabilities, such as scanning, image, mapping and location systems and hardware components, are essential to deliver a superior and differentiated mobile UX and CX. Native apps are also the key to harnessing powerful customer omnichannel features and shopping journeys insights that can be used online and offline, instore, to optimize and personalize every aspect of your total offer.

What about mobile web and PWA?

When you consider that the average person spends nearly 90% of their time on mobile in-app versus mobile-optimized web systems, such as progressive web apps (PWAs), it’s easy to see why native mobile apps are the best choice when it comes to driving higher frequency, engagement and conversion. They are essential for any brand or retailer looking to establish and foster a loyal, more valuable customer base by connecting digital search, browse, discovery and purchasing to their brick-and-mortar journeys. 

Some 70% of global mobile sales are processed in shopping apps and native mobile app customers deliver the highest lifetime value. Native mobile apps deliver three times’ higher in-app conversion rates and far higher engagement — with 4.2 times’ more products viewed per session — compared to mobile web. Plus, app-based shopping growth shows no signs of slowing and only native apps can truly harness the opportunity this presents brands and retailers today to maximize sales both online and instore. Aggregate poq platform data found in-app conversation rates grew 38% year-on-year during the first quarter of 2021 alone.

How can my business build on existing digital investments with native mobile apps?

Developed during a decade of digital retail experience, the poq Elevate native mobile app platform has always put our clients’ customers at the heart of its evolution, so retailers and brands can build on and enhance existing ecommerce, digital marketing and omnichannel store capability and returns on investment. Elevate uses mobile operating system (OS) specific programming languages (Swift for Apple iOS, and the Java-interoperable Kotlin for Android), so poq apps can always harness the best UX and CX features and functionality that native mobile app shopping has to offer. The abstraction of integrations from an extensible software development framework (SDK) also makes it easy to plug in and reuse composable third-party systems.

Our Elevate-based packages are designed to quickly and easily integrate ecommerce web features with more immersive and engaging functionality of a native mobile app without replicating inventory and processes. They allow brands and retailers to retain full creative app control, while inventory, orders and customer accounts are seamlessly integrated and synced with existing ecommerce systems. Our MACH Alliance certification and partner ecosystem also enable streamlined integration with other digital content and marketing management and reporting systems to allow for a connected and multi-touch digital shopping solution across all commerce platforms.

How can my business differentiate and innovate with native mobile apps?

There are two main ways that branded and retail businesses can differentiate with poq native mobile apps. From a sales and marketing perspective, the powerful, immersive and interactive flagship features and functionality only available by developing apps on their respective native mobile OS platforms are the best way to boost acquisition, conversion and engagement among your most loyal and valuable customers. 

From a strategic perspective, building native mobile apps on poq’s mature and proven, MACH-certified Elevate platform streamlines app performance, integration and reporting. It can also optimize sales and engagement across your entire digital commerce and physical store estate as part of a mobile-first offering.

Developing mobile apps on the poq Elevate platform decreases the costs, risks and implementation time associated with launching or replatforming mobile apps, giving you the necessary visibility, flexibility and control required to rapidly roll out innovative new features, such as virtual try-on or games, for example.

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