Chico’s FAS maximises app adoption with poq App Marketing Services

To accompany the launch of new mobile shopping apps for Chico’s, White House Black Market (“WHBM”) and Soma brands, Chico’s FAS, Inc. (“Chico’s FAS”) augmented their marketing capabilities with services from the poq App Marketing consultancy practice. Goals & Objectives To realise the full potential of their six native mobile apps, launched across three brands, […]

To accompany the launch of new mobile shopping apps for Chico’s, White House Black Market (“WHBM”) and Soma brands, Chico’s FAS, Inc. (“Chico’s FAS”) augmented their marketing capabilities with services from the poq App Marketing consultancy practice.

Goals & Objectives

To realise the full potential of their six native mobile apps, launched across three brands, Chico’s FAS decided to invest in specialized App Marketing services from poq. Chico’s FAS wanted to ensure that they had the ability to market across owned media channels, while being able to measure and attribute each one. This would allow the brands to understand the performance of each marketing channel, so they could adapt their app marketing strategy in the future to maximise ROI. In addition, Chico’s FAS wanted to upskill their own in-house teams with regards to app marketing technology, so they could be effective and efficient moving forward.


The poq App Marketing team supported Chico’s FAS by first managing the setup of AppsFlyer, the mobile measurement solution available out-of-the-box in the poq native app platform. AppsFlyer allows retailers and brands to measure and attribute installs and post in-app events across all marketing channels via tracking links. The poq specialists, with Chico’s FAS in-house digital teams, created a media plan for the app launches, taking into consideration all owned media channels including Smart Banner, Website Placements, SMS, email, Smart Banners and QR Codes. To ensure ongoing support, poq also set up custom reporting dashboards for the Chico’s FAS teams so they could easily report back to the business and the individual digital units on app download performance. That coupled with weekly app marketing check-in calls has ensured that the Chico’s FAS marketing team are confident in managing ongoing app marketing for their six apps, and has maximised downloads in the first month of launch.

Key Results

Sarah Daniels, Digital Growth Manager at Chico’s FAS, concluded: “Initial app downloads far exceeded our expectations, thanks to the marketing strategy put in place by poq. As a result, we have continued to employ app marketing services with poq as we look to our next phase of growth in our app business. Integrating apps into our overall digital mix is a big part of our strategy along with identifying other channels to drive downloads. Our next phase focuses on retention and ensuring we are driving customer engagement with the apps across all owned, earned and paid channels.”


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