The App Commerce platform

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What is the Poq Platform?

The Poq platform gives you the power to maximise your presence in the app commerce space. Create beautiful, intuitive apps that deliver joyful shopping experiences to your customers. Add content, build meaningful relationships and present your brand in a store front unique to you.

App Experience

Your customers deserve an app that’s easy to use, filled with familiar features, and gives them a delightful shopping experience. With Poq’s flexible platform you can build lasting relationships and reimagine the perfect app experience.

Implement a seamless user experience

Give your customers a smooth user experience from login and registration, to product search, and checkout. With recognisable features and familiar controls, your customers can browse, explore and shop flawlessly, end to end.

Bring app shopping to life

Reach out instantly, any time. Enrich your products with beautifully presented stories. Provide a feature-rich environment that holds your customers’ attention and keeps them coming back for more.

Be part of your customers day, every day

With persistent login, integrated account management and other convenient features, your app is a customer’s fastest route to your brand. Keep conversations going, bring products to life, and stay top of mind.

App Manager

Bring the app commerce experience to life with Poq’s App Manager. With a comprehensive set of self-service solutions, you are empowered to take control of your app from day one.

Nurture the relationship with your customers

Fill your app with content and delight your customers – all with one simple tool. Poq’s Content Management System (CMS) makes it easy to implement stunning interactive content and make it live with just a few clicks.

Keep conversations going

Develop rewarding relationships with your customers through highly engaging communication channels. Effectively manage your app campaigns with Poq’s Content Management System (CMS) with tools such as push messaging – ensuring your brand is consistently top of mind.

Effortlessly differentiate your brand

Empower the right people in your team to configure your app according to your brand. No developer skills are required – using the comprehensive design system built into our App Styler tool, you can make it 100% your own in minutes.

Developer tools

Take your app to the next level with the Poq platform – a developer-inspired, atomised version of the front end and back end of the app. Whether through our flexible data structure, Software Developer Kit (SDK), or API extensions, you can take control – customising, make enhancements, and integrate with existing services.

Make granular enhancements

Tweak the data coming into the app to fit your brand. With our flexible data structure, we can ensure all the important information you want visualised – providing your customers with an experience that satisfies you and them.

Add modular customisations

Take complete ownership of your brand by changing the look and feel, and behaviour of your app. Take advantage of Software Developer Kit (SDK) and either, create totally new components and screens or customise on top of the out-of-box offering. Optimise the customer experience to your exact requirements.

Do something spectacular

Go huge. Create your own features and add new capabilities – all without compromising the existing app. Through the utilisation of Poq’s fast API extensions you can blow your customer’s minds by adding a wide range of existing and new services for your users to experience.

App Commerce Marketplace

As a client of a true SaaS platform, you will have access to a multitude of integration possibilities. Our integration layer allows your app to be transformed into a feature rich experience – with familiar and exciting capabilities your users will love.

Integrate with your 3rd party providers

Utilise our comprehensive API extension capabilities to integrate your app with any of your current 3rd party providers for a frictionless app launch and intuitive user experience.

Extend your capabilities with our SaaS Ecosystem

Build your app with a user experience heightened by an array of 3rd party vendors from which to pick and choose. Your app has unlimited possibilities.

Amass data across all of your service providers

Gather, analyse, and synchronise data from your various service providers to gain invaluable insights into app performance, user behaviour and customer satisfaction.