With shopping apps set to overtake desktop in 2020, it's time to make sure you have a winning app commerce strategy.

The fastest-growing shopping channel

App Commerce


Retail transactions that take place on a native mobile app

5.4bn shopping app downloads in 2019

People on smartphones spend 87% of their digital time in apps 

3.2x higher revenue per user on app compared with mobile web

Shoppers spend 3.25x more time on shopping apps than on mobile web

We identified that having an app was the missing piece in our digital puzzle in our ambition to be the UK’s best known digital value retailer.

Chris Chalmers, Studio, Marketing and Digital Director - Exec Board Member

The revenue run-rate of the Missguided shopping app went from zero to £30 million within just four months of the app launch.

Nitin Passi, Founder and CEO

Apps develop a super customer. If you're not at least considering an app, be worried as your competition is

Andrea Trocino, CPO

We know that the experience on app will be easier and more convenient for our customers, but also is beneficial for the business. Apps tackle the challenge of higher mobile web traffic but lower conversion on mobile.

Paul Hurst, Head of Digital

We gave all of our customers' 24-hour access just on the app, we know they're our loyal customers, we know they're going to engage with us and it worked out really well. We've seen a lot better engagement them now, and we made more of a loyal customer

Chloe Smith, Digital Development Manager

We can't be naive enough to think that customers only buy from one brand. So, the app gives us the chance, along with our social and email channels, to really stand out and reinforce the messages that we've got out there.

Simon Lilly, Head of Digital

It’s time to be
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In 2020, app is set to overtake desktop to become one of the fastest-growing channels online.

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AppCommerce 2020 is a must attend event for those retailers and brands interested in the rapidly evolving world of retail and the integral role that mobile apps can play.

Join other leaders in commerce, industry experts and innovative minds as we tackle the challenges and reap the benefits of the fastest-growing online retail channel.

What’s happening in 2020?

Are you looking for new ways to engage with your customers or seeking information to guide your app strategies throughout the next 12 months? The 2020 app commerce calendar is here to help!

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