Replatforming to Poq

So, you have an app…



Are your customers happy? Is your app performing at its best?

A ‘no‘ to either of these questions means you need a change. Luckily with Poq, making the change can be easy and painless.

Own your app.
Elevate your app.

Improved performance
& speed

The Poq SaaS platform is powered by an intuitive and easy-to-use CMS built
to match the app’s robust performance standards of increased revenue and brand positivity.
Learn more about the Poq platform.

Constant reliability
& innovation

While maintaining 100% performance capacity the Poq product team delivers
consistent innovation with regular releases throughout the year.
Check out our product chronicles.

Poq, partnerships
& you

Poq not only partners with the best technology providers in the retail industry but also with you. Our specialised teams will work beside you to put your best app forward.
See how we work with our clients.

Replatform with ease


Download our Replatforming Guide to understand the ins and outs of the painless process as well as have many of your questions and potential concerns answered.

Leaders in retail

Proven features

Poq’s award winning app features ensure that your company stays ahead in the highly competitive and fast paced retail industry.

App commerce experts

The Poq platform was built for retail and only with retail in mind. Our founders and team make up years of experience in app commerce, providing you with unrivalled knowledge and expertise.

Proven in retail

Our apps have an average 4.61 rating


“We wanted to transform the way in which shoppers engage with us on mobile – moving beyond what mobile web has to offer. Working with a SaaS provider, who offer out of the box features, like ‘app stories’, (an Instagram stories-like feature) and in-app GIFs will make for a more exciting and engaging shopping experience for our customers.

Hash Ladha, Chief Operating Officer
Oasis & Warehouse

“After switching to Poq we have seen revenue increase, more positive reviews and customers are a lot happier. Moreover our internal team has a better peace of mind, a great base to build from, and are a lot happier with the tools they have at their disposal.”

Haroun Saleemi, Head of Ecommerce


If you are interested in learning more about how easily you can switch your app to the Poq platform, please fill out the form below and one of our specialists will reach out soon.

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