Poq Feature Release: Visual Search

As part of Poq’s latest release, Polaris, we have enabled Visual Search. In partnership with Fashwell, a leading provider of Visual Search technology, we have created a quick and seamless shopping experience for the app user.

Snap. Search. Shop.

Why Visual Search?

Visual Search enables app users to use their mobile camera to snap pictures or upload saved images to their favourite retail app and immediately receive suggestions of similar shoppable products from available collections. We are living in a world of images and instant gratification and with Visual Search your customers will see what they want and be immediately fulfilled.

How it works

Fashwell pulls the feed from each Visual Search enabled Poq client every 24 hours.

Snap. Search. Shop.

The app user quickly snaps a new picture through the Visual Search feature or uploads an existing photo from his or her album.

The product images are processed and analysed using deep learning algorithms to understand the style of the products.

Based on the user submitted image, Visual Search will recommend visually similar and in category items for the user to browse and purchase.


Visual Search benefits


Partnership with Fashwell

Fashwell is a leading Visual Search provider in the ecommerce industry. They have created a lightning fast image processing technology with 100% automatic and highly accurate results through a scalable and reliable API. They continue to help brands and retailers like Zalando, increase conversions, create revenue channels, and enhance the customer experience with their deep learning technology.

Learn more about our partnership with Fashwell and the power of Visual Search by watching our webinar

Visual Search: Empowering App Commerce


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If you want to learn more about Visual Search and other Poq features such as App Stories and Push Notifications get in touch with us below! We promise we don’t bite.

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