Jul 12, 2019 | By Jack Walden

The Building Blocks to a Winning App Commerce Strategy (part 1)

Video: The Building Blocks to a Winning App Commerce Strategy (part 1)

The Building Blocks to a Winning App Strategy (part 1)

Our very own Co-founder & CEO, Oyvind shared his learnings from almost 10 years of app commerce including;

  • The progression of apps originating from mobile web, through to hybrid web wrappers to today’s best practice, native apps.
  • The limitations of building an app with a web wrapper. Like, compromised shopping experiences, usability and the maintenance of the wrapper take the majority of time rather than a focus on the experience.
  • Retailers need to look at the apps we use most, why we love them and use this to inform on the functionality and experiences consumers expect from shopping apps.

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