May 03, 2019 | By Samantha Rigg

Driving revenue growth with a retail app | Tobi’s story

Tobi is a fast fashion purely online retailer with an LA vibe who decided to relaunch its app on the Poq platform. Jennifer Song, President of Tobi joined Joe Keenan on the Total Retail Talks podcast to discuss how:

  • Tobi app revenue share has grown from 5% and heading towards 15%
  • The Tobi app is now seeing 4.7 star rating on the App Store
  • Poq’s expertise, ability to meet Tobi’s expectations and estimated 12 week launch timeline (actually achieved in 8 weeks) influenced their choice in app provider

Tobi launched their first app in 2014, since then shopping on mobile has evolved and the previous Tobi app did not meet the consumers or Tobi expectations. As Jennifer explains, Tobi made the decision to relaunch its app, in order to refresh it and hand the burden of maintenance over.

“I’m really partnering with a company that can, be the best in class and be top of mind for any changes. There’ll be the ones to know what are the updates that are happening. So, just recognizing how quickly technology is changing. We just felt like it was an area we could use domain experts [Poq] to keep up with all the changes.”

Total Retail Talks | Episode 193

Relaunched Mobile App Helps Tobi Drive Customer Acquisition

Tune in to the podcast to hear more from Jennifer on the Tobi app.

The previous Tobi app was underperforming and generating around 5% of Tobi’s revenue. “And so we’re really looking to get that, build that up to at least 15% rounded industry standards to where Poq is seeing, the partner that we’ve used, they’re seeing around 15% of revenue.”

The feedback for Tobi’s new app has been great, the app sees a star rating of 4.6 on the App Store. Jennifer commented, “Yeah, very good feedback, easy to use. And it’s pretty and it’s fast. So I think everybody’s been happy with it all around.”

When asked about why Tobi chose Poq’s Software-as-a-Service Platform, Jennifer explained that Poq’s close work with the largest ecommerce company, their expertise and knowledge in app commerce and the ability to launch a fully branded transactional app in such a short time period were major factors.

Discover how Tobi launched their app in eight weeks, four weeks ahead of schedule:

Read the Tobi Case Study

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