Mar 25, 2019 | By Samantha Rigg

Retail app revenue share overtakes desktop in latest Poq research

Peak Trading 2018 Press Release Blog Header V2 | Poq - The app commerce company

London, 25th March 2019. Latest research from app commerce company, Poq, examines consumer behaviour trends in ecommerce and see’s shoppers preference for app, especially during the peak trading and holiday season.

Q4 being the largest and most important quarter in retail, saw retail app’s share of revenue overtake desktop by 1% in October 2018. Meanwhile, app’s share of sessions overtook desktop earlier in January 2018.

Poq, who power the apps for retailers and brands such as Missguided, Belk, Holland & Barrett, Feelunique and PrettyLittleThing, has today announced the release of “The Retailer’s Guide to Consumer Behaviour during the Peak Trading Season” – a detailed guide to how consumer behaviour is changing and the demand for better shopping experiences online continues to grow.

The research found:

  • App commerce reigns king: App revenue share overtook desktop revenue share of ecommerce during Q4 2018.
  • App experiences are more engaging than mobile web: Five times more time was spent in app per user than mobile web in Q4 2018.
  • Golden window for driving app downloads: Shoppers look to download retailers apps in the three weeks prior to Black Friday
  • Repeat purchasers are most valuable on app: The percentage of users who make more than one purchase on Black Friday was 2.8 times greater on retailer’s apps than their mobile website counterparts.

The cutting-edge guide provides data and insight across a variety of retail verticals, such as fashion, beauty, homeware and others. Looking at over 209 million sessions across app, mobile web and desktop and over 71 million push notification sends. The research examines how consumer behaviour is changing by looking at how shoppers spend their time online, what devices they are using to make purchases in apps, the influence of push notifications at peak trading, the differences between UK and US app shoppers and best practice tips on how to increase app revenue by device brand and more.

“Native mobile apps enable retailers to own the relationship with their consumers,” said Oyvind Henriksen, CEO & Co-Founder at Poq. “Recent strains on the retail sector, particularly with physical stores, means that retailers need to double-down on the channels that are succeeding. Through app commerce, retailers have the ability to build rapport and engage their consumers, moulding them into the most valuable ‘super customers’”.

Oyvind Henriksen, Co-Founder & CEO, Poq

With recent difficulties being felt globally within the retail sector, this guide makes predictions for what shopping experiences could mean in the years and peak trading seasons to come. Although physical stores may be struggling, spending has been migrated from the shopping malls to the internet and the future looks bright for app commerce.

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