Visual Search: Empowering app commerce

In an attempt to bring products closer to the shopper in a quicker and more efficient way, many retail winners such as ASOS, Zalando and John Lewis have adopted visual search into their apps. To save the customer time, retailers are making themselves more socially discoverable, driving upsell activity and ultimately increasing app revenue. Implementing visual search ensures your retail business stays ahead and won’t lose customers to its competitors.

In this webinar we explain the potentials of this technology in the app commerce space. We will cover:

  • What visual search is
  • The benefits of visual search in app commerce
  • The role of the image in product discovery
  • A live demo of visual search on the Poq platform followed by a Q&A



Matthias Dantone, CEO at Fashwell | Poq - the app commerce company

Matthias Dantone

CEO & Co-founder at Fashwell

Dr. Matthias Dantone has been the CEO of Fashwell since it was founded by him and two of his university colleagues in 2015. Matthias has previously worked in the research departments of Google and BMW and played an integral part in developing state of the art machine learning algorithms at Kooaba and Mayachitra.

Balint Szeplaki, Head of Product at Poq | Poq - the app commerce company

Balint Szeplaki

Head of Product at Poq

Balint has 10 years experience in product management gained mostly from mobile software startups. Before Poq, Balint was working for Mobile Travel Technologies (acquired by Travelport; NYSE: TVPT) building an app platform for airlines and travel agencies.


About Poq

Poq is a Software-as-a-Service platform that empowers retailers to create highly effective and fully customised native apps in record time. New code is rolled out every week and major releases delivered every quarter. Clients include retailers such as Missguided, House of Fraser and

About Fashwell

Fashwell are leaders in visual search, helping brands and retailers increase conversions, create new revenue channels and enhance the customer experience with their deep learning technology. Partners include Zalando, and Bon Prix.

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