Feb 15, 2018 | By Alexa Wilcox

App commerce peak trading report shows increasing impact of app channel on peak performance

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London, UK, 15th February 2018

Poq’s app commerce peak trading report provides insights into the evolving behaviours of shoppers across various ecommerce channels and the implications for peak trading retail strategies, both in the UK and the US.

Findings in the report are based on over 30m sessions across retailer’s mobile websites, desktop and mobile apps, including iOS and Android.

Key findings

Black Friday saw apps’ contribution to online and mobile revenue double compared to 2016

  • In 2017 clients on the Poq platform saw apps’ contribution to online and mobile revenue double compared to 2016.
  • On average app revenue as a percentage of mobile grew 2.2x to account for 22% of mobile revenue on Black Friday.

November overtakes December as the biggest month of the year

  • Q4 accounted for a third of total app revenue in 2017, and November app revenues grew 134% year-over-year.

Apps play a vital role in engaging users and delivering results

  • Shoppers spent on average 3.6x more in shopping apps than mobile websites.
  • App downloads on Black Friday were 2.6x the average day in 2017.
  • Both mobile websites and desktop websites performed similarly in regard to the percentage of returning users in Q4. However, apps saw 2.3x higher percentage of returning users across the same time period indicating that shoppers found the shopping experience provided by apps more engaging and convenient than the other ecommerce channels. Therefore, planning ahead for peak is crucial to success.

Oyvind Henriksen, CEO & Co-founder at Poq, stated ‘Results from peak trading 2017 have reinforced the findings that Black Friday is no longer limited to one day and consumers prefer to shop in ways that provide them with the most convenient, enriching and personalised experience.’ He continues, ‘Apps’ contribution to mcommerce has grown so rapidly that retailers must plan ahead and utilise offers during peak trading to drive app downloads and long-term engagement via this channel.’

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