Aug 15, 2017 | By Natasha McGowan

Mobile apps vs mobile websites, do you need both? | Ebook

Mobile web vs App, do you need both? | Poq - the app commerce company

As retail becomes a mobile-first world, many retailers are adjusting their strategies to become more mobile-focussed.

If a retailer has a mobile-optimised website, do they really need an app? What can an app bring to your brand and customers that your mobile website can’t? Our ebook uncovers the benefits that a mobile app can provide to your customers and to your business. Find out how offering an app alongside your mobile website can affect mobile conversions, loyalty and your overall relationship with your customers.

In this ebook, you’ll also discover:

  • If you have a business case for an app,
  • How an app can improve engagement and convenience,
  • Expert opinions from different departments at Poq.

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