App Marketing Guide

Launching an app is a very exciting project. Retailers who’ve built their app on the Poq platform experience 2.5x higher retention rates on their apps compared to mobile web. However, to be able to retain your app customers, you need to firstly acquire them.

Retailers often encounter challenges when it comes to securing app downloads. We’ve created this guide to help retailers market their app using examples from winning retailers on the Poq platform. It identifies the promotional activities retailers should conduct at launch and post-launch.

Many of our clients haven’t spent anything on acquisition, but using the right in-house teams, have managed to attract many loyal app users. Using paid app advertising alongside your existing channels can truly maximise downloads and turn occasional shoppers into loyal ones.

In this report, you’ll also find:

  • The basics: how to ensure your app store metadata is optimised to enhance your marketing activities
  • Keep it fresh: how to keep your app exciting over time by using different in-app features
  • Social media: in-depth explanation of the different paid and un-paid app campaigns you can run on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Measuring: how to report on the success of your app marketing activities.

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