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Poq platform release: Splitting the cloud

Autumn platform release | Poq - the app commerce company

Black Friday this year was immensely successful for apps, seeing a 17% increase in purchases made on mobile devices compared to last year. This growth was driven mainly by retail apps, highlighting the growing need to adapt to a cloud-first world. For Poq, it meant a complete redesign of the Poq platform architecture for scalability.

Splitting the cloud

The Poq cloud has been split into a multitude of smaller services, and we can now offer dedicated cloud services for each retailer on the platform. This makes it easier to support high traffic and custom designs across our ever-growing client base.

API-first architecture

Since inception, one of the most liberating elements of Poq has been embracing the cloud in everything we do, leaving behind the concept of a ‘server’. Due to this, we were able to easily modify our API architecture for massive scale, enabling our cloud to become easier to manage.

Tallest peaks of peak trading

It’s our mission to make app commerce bigger than ecommerce, and this year, we’re proud to see this become a reality for the first time. During the peaks of Cyber Weekend, our customers saw more conversions in-app than on their websites!

We were able to handle these huge spikes in traffic due to our newly designed, service-oriented architecture. Our robust but light-weight API-front connects to a selection of powerful services. Each service now lives independently so can be scaled up or down to handle varying levels of traffic.

Maximum back-end flexibility

Integrations are now faster than ever to deploy for retailers and can be tailored to suit the requirements of each client. For example, a retailer can choose the pre-built login integration service for Magento or our agnostic login integration service using OAuth. This setup allows the retailer to integrate with a wide number of solutions with ease, working within their existing IT infrastructure.

Having dedicated deployments also means that you can freely choose which data centres should be used. You could, for instance, choose to host all your services inside the EU, or replicate across the globe. We typically use geo-replication across three or more data centres, which allows high availability and faster response rates.

Plug into the API eco-system in the cloud

Because we are passionate about fuelling the API economy, API partners are integrated with Poq via real-time API-to- API integrations. Poq supports a fast-growing range of API integration partners such as Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Bazaarvoice, Stripe and many others. This list will continue to expand, as we believe advanced technology should be made available to customers everywhere.

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