Case study: Using apps to bring multichannel to life

Considering that the average household owns 7.4 Internet devices, it’s not surprising that nearly four in ten transactions occur across multiple devices. Introducing multichannel features to your shopping app is one of the most effective ways to increase available touchpoints, motivate re-engagement and drive purchases both around the store, around the home and anywhere else.

House of Fraser has a great track record of delivering engaging multichannel initiatives through its app. The UK department store offers an app that improves the shopping experience both in store and at home through various multichannel features.

Last year House of Fraser added an Augmented Reality ‘Scan to Explore’ feature into its app by leveraging the Layar AR SDK integrated into the Poq app commerce platform. This feature allows shoppers to use the app to scan and shop from physical catalogues and shop windows.

Since its introduction to the app, House of Fraser’s ‘Scan to Explore’ feature has generated some exciting results, including:

  • 1.8x higher engagement than for the average app user.
  • Shoppers who used the AR feature purchased 115% more than the average user.
  • Average order value was 20% higher for shoppers who used the ‘Scan to Explore’ feature than for the average app user.


Download the full House of Fraser case study below.

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