Mar 20, 2015 | By poq

Poq Spring ’15 release

As part of the Poq Spring 2015 release, we’ve added some great new features and enriched the content management possibilities, providing an even more intuitive shopping experience.

Shopping Experience Enhancements

Several improvements to the user experience of the apps running on our platform means it will be easier and more intuitive to browse and shop.
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The iOS ‘Colour Swatch’ feature

The product display page of iOS apps can now feature mini previews of the product in different colourways, without requiring customers to leave the page.

This makes for a very intuitive shopping experience – unmatched by other shopping apps that don’t run on our platform.

Enhanced Android Shopping Features

Customers using Android phones can now filter and sort merchandise in a variety of different ways. Products in a category can be filtered according to price range, colour, size, brand, or style. Items can also be sorted by item name, price, and brand name.

Poq platform release android update

Additional Navigation Possibilities for iOS

The popular “hamburger menu” is now available for iOS apps. It can be added to the top right corner, providing additional navigation possibilities. It will reveal a menu that slides open on the right side.
The Poq Content Management System can also be used to add a background image to this menu.

More Detailed Product Previews

Users can now zoom in on product images. Tapping on a product image in the product display page will open up a full-screen preview of the item, which can then be zoomed in and out of.

Content Management & Merchandising Optimisation

App-exclusive & OS-exclusive product categories, banners and pages

Our CMS now allows for the creation of app-exclusive banners, pages, and product categories. It is also possible to publish content only on Android or only on iOS apps.

This is great for rewarding app customers with exclusive content, product curation and promotions. Regularly changing content also encourages customers to revisit the app more often.

Content scheduled across channels

It has never been easier to coordinate multi-channel messaging and marketing & sales campaigns. Home screen banners, product categories, and app pages can now be scheduled to feature within pre-defined timeframes.
This can be used in many instances, including:

  • Programming a sales banner to replace a regular banner during the sales period
  • Communicating the launch of a new campaign
  • Announcing new season arrivals
  • Flash sales

If content is scheduled to change at the same time as content from other channels, it will allow for in-store, desktop, and app communications to become fully aligned – ahead of time.

Schedule push notifications

It was already possible to schedule geo-location push notifications and instantly broadcast general push notifications. Now general push notifications can also be scheduled. This should make life easier, especially to:

  • Schedule push notifications for weekends or evenings
  • Make sure that a push notification is sent out at a specific point in a campaign or promotion, such as a certain amount of hours before a sales period comes to an end
  • Schedule push notifications to be broadcasted at a time that compliments other pre-scheduled non-app communications

These improvements will make it easier to plan and implement marketing and sales campaigns than ever before. To ensure that the foundation remains stable, we have also made improvements to the performance and architecture of our platform.

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