Will Android overtake iOS in 2015?

The battle for market share between iOS and Android is intensifying, and the industry is abuzz with speculations about what 2015 holds in store for these two.

Opinions are divided and both camps have legitimate arguments: those that are bullish about Android go as far as to claim that “Android is firmly ahead of iOS,” whilst loyal Apple advocates point to the fact that Apple just posted the biggest quarterly profit in history, and support the notion that iOS users have higher disposable income than Android users. Google Play may be generating more downloads, they argue, but Apple Store generated 70% more revenue.

We found that Android users interact with their apps more than iOS users do – they viewed more pages per app use and spent longer periods of time browsing. In terms of spending, iOS users came out on top. However, a closer inspection of the data showed that Android spending habits actually vary depending on the type of device that is being shopped from. High-end Android device conversion rates rivalled iOS conversion rates, whilst some cheaper Android devices had very low conversion rates.

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