We’re closing our Seedrs campaign – Thank you for your support!

Hi everyone, this will be our last Seedrs update. The campaign has reached 169% of our initial target of £200,000 or £338,000. The campaign is now only available through this link https://www.seedrs.com/startups/poq and the amount is now closed.

Thank you very much to everyone involved!

Raising investment on Seedrs was a great experience for us. Our aim was to allow people in the industry, who also believe in mobile apps, to join us in shaping the future of retail. The response has been phenomenal! We had several investments from the Poq team, friends and family, from partners and clients, including the likes of Missguided and The Jewellery Channel just to name a few.

It makes us very proud to have all of your support and we can’t wait to show you the great things we are going to build!

Important note: If you have done an investment, but have not yet transferred the amount, you need to do so by the 25th of December. Any investment that has not been transferred by that date, will be rejected and you will miss out.

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To everyone who has invested, you should sign up on our newsletter to get updates on our newest client launches and new product releases. You can sign up here.

Finally have a great holiday season and a successful new year 2015!




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