Mr. Brand joins Poq’s advisory board

We’re very happy to welcome another industry heavyweight to our Advisory board, Gabbi Cahane!

As one of the founders of the Venture Marketing firm Meanwhile, he’s worked with some of the greatest brands in fashion, tech and retail. He’s an influential angel investor, renowned Seedcamp mentor and simply one of the best brand marketeers we know.

When you go thorugh Seedcamp Week, there’s a flurry of impressions from a big crowd of mentors. But inside this frenzy, there is sometimes a moment when the chaos fades away. You suddenly have a moment of clarity while listening to one person, as he or she offers you the real insight you were so desperately looking for. We’ve experienced this, and we’ve heard many of our fellow Seedcamp teams experience the same. One mentor providing such clarity was Gabbi Cahane, or “Mr Brand” as he’s also known.

Several teams at Seedcamp were buzzing about this great mentor, who passionately picked apart their proposition and suggested new ways the parts could be pieced together to tell a great story. We met Gabbi first when we joined Seedcamp in 2012 and he has been an unofficial mentor ever since.

The next chapter of our story

With the massive growth we’ve had recently, it’s become clear that we’ve found a great market for our technology. We’ve got great ambition for the future, and it’s now time to refocus our brand to tell a bigger story.

Gabbi joins Poq as an advisor and investor. He will be helping us with our marketing strategy and rebranding to reflect our ambition of being the leading software platform for native apps. The new brand will be launched by early 2015.

Here’s what Gabbi said about Poq:

“As soon as I first spoke with Michael and Oyvind, I knew that this was a strong founding team. They’ve gone on to prove that not only did they have great technical skills, a healthy dose of hustle and a strong belief in their vision, but they are also serious executors. The product they’ve built, the growth curve they’re on, the way the market is shaping up and the response from retailers has made my decision to invest very easy. I’m looking forward to being part of the team and contributing to the next chapter.”

He joins our existing advisors James Hart, who took ASOS from five employees to one of UK’s largest online retailers, and Ivan Ramirez, VP of Groupon Goods, the world’s 11th biggest mobile merchant with $590M revenue from their app.

Join us in shaping the future of retail
Poq is really flying at the moment with 50% growth every quarter this year. To meet this demand, we’re raising a £500K investment round. Our round is now closing, and we’ve made the final part of it available through crowdfunding. If you too believe that mobile is the future of shopping, check out our crowdfunding page on Seedrs:







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