Nov 21, 2014 | By poq

Poq Autumn ’14 release – Android is now available!

We’re excited to announce the Poq Autumn ’14 Release, which allows retailers on the Poq platform to roll out fully native apps for Android!

It’s time to bring the beauty and simplicity of native apps to Android, so all Christmas shoppers can get the fast and beautiful shopping experience of native apps.

Retailers can now run fully native apps on both iPhone and Android

Android has really taken off in retail this year, and is now up to a third of the mobile traffic. Retailers often have amazing native apps for iPhone and iPad, but great Android apps are not yet common.

We’ve spent the last 6 months building a fully native app platform for Android, to complement our existing iPhone and iPad offering. Retailers on our platform can now manage both platforms on one system. Check out some of our apps here: Blue Inc, Officers Club, People Tree.

Having one central place for all content, reports, analytics and management is a huge time-saver. Our iOS and Android platform is fully native, which means the apps are built for the device they are on, improving the user experience to get a 2-3 times higher conversation rates and provide a better in-store experience.


The rise of Android in 2014

It’s common knowledge that Android now powers the majority of phones shipped globally. What most people don’t know is: Many of these phones were cheap, low end devices. Traffic to retail websites in the UK generally stems from expensive iPhones and iPads and that caused 90% of the traffic coming from iPhones and iPads.

During 2014 we have seen a strong rise of Android mobile traffic, especially for retailers with younger target demographics like Blue Inc. On average between 29% of mobile traffic now comes from Android devices, the vast majority of that from high end Samsung devices such as Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and S5. The latest generation of Android devices are fast, powerful devices with great screens, great for mobile ecommerce! We believe this trend will continue, and therefore Android should be treated as a key area of investment.

The top retailers are already answering the trend

In fact the biggest retailers in the Internet Retailer’s Mobile 500 have already launched native Android apps with huge success. Of the top 500, 233 have launched native iPhone apps and 204 native Android apps. With an average of 42% of mobile revenue coming from apps, the way to success can only be to serve both Android and iPhone natively.

Comscore recently reported that a third of retailer’s mobile users are mobile-only. We think it’s a waste to only serve a stripped-down mobile website to mobile-only Android users.

Native apps for Android are now available

We’re now making Android apps available to all retailers on the Poq platform. The apps have already been featured in Retail Week and Direct Commerce Magazine. Check out some examples here:

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