Poq is equity crowdfunding on Seedrs!

We are opening up an investment opportunity to friends, family, and colleagues. Poq is topping up a larger EIS investment round on Seedrs, before major expansion next year.

Why we are here:

As the CTO of an ecommerce agency for 10 years, our founder witnessed the problems with innovating and scaling bespoke ecommerce websites, before retailers moved to powerful platforms like Magento and Demandware.

In today’s mobile first world, retailers are having similar growing pains with bespoke native apps. Poq was created to provide an ecommerce platform for native apps – allowing retailers to innovate on mobile in a scalable way.

We believe in empowering retailers to deliver world class shopping experiences to mobile consumers; removing the technical barriers of traditional app development and reliance on the responsiveness of agencies.

Comparable companies (ecommerce platforms) have been acquired or IPO’d for over $1b. Poq is the equivalent of those in today’s mobile world where people use their smartphones and apps for everything, rather than using web browsers to shop on your PC.

To join Poq in changing the retail industry, take a look at our Seedrs profile.

Update: We closed our fundraising round and hit 169% of our initial target. Read more about it here.

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