Jul 11, 2014 | By poq

Summer ’14 release

We are excited to unveil our latest developments, packed with powerful tools that will transform the face of mobile retail.
Native Checkout

Retailers on the Poq platform are getting the ability to save credit cards, and customer data natively on the customers’ phones. This means any repeat purchases will be similar to a ‘one-click checkout’ for app users.

Powered by Braintree Payments and Paypal, consumers can either scan their card, use Paypal’s credit card checkout, or use the card with the payment card network.

Together with Uber, Hailo, Airbnb and many more, the network allows consumers to remember cards across the apps in the network. Once the credit card is saved in any of the participating services, it can then be used directly from all apps in the network, including all Poq apps with Native Checkout.

Magazine – Style iPad Design

iPad shopping is still growing at staggering rates. We have updated the designs for our iPad app, to help our clients to reap this opportunity. The new iPad designs resemble flicking through a beautiful interactive magazine. It is the perfect combination of content and commerce. Plus, we are bringing the new native checkout capabilities to iPad users as well, making it even easier to make a purchase.

New Demandware & Shopify Plugins

We can now offer a full, standardised integration with any Demandware and Shopify ecommerce website, available directly through a plugin. This reduces the resources needed on the client’s side to a minimum and means we are able to go live with new clients on these platforms in 4-8 weeks.

demandware Poq Summer 14 Release shopify Poq Studio Summer 14 Release

Platform Performance

We are always working hard on improving the performance of the Poq app platform. In this release we have focused on improving the speed of the Product API, therefore making browsing of large product catalogues even faster. Our developers are claiming it is now 11.5x faster, but to make it easy let’s just say it’s really really fast!

We have also added HTML support to the Poq App CMS. This makes the apps on our platform much more powerful in promoting brand content, and makes it easy to reuse assets from the mobile website on the app.

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