Ecommerce Insider: Katie Fieldman of Grabble

Poq are pleased to present the next edition of our ecommerce Insider series for 2014. Here we treat you to an interview with Katie Fieldman, the Online Content Director for Grabble.

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(Katie Fieldman, Content Director)

Katie Fieldman hands the website and blog content, and is responsible for devising all social media strategies and branding for the integrated fashion forward shopping website.

Grabble is an online fashion discovery platform which uses the most advanced technology to provide the Grab button, allowing users to save any clothes from any website back onto Grabble and then to get sale alerts on those Grabs. Grabble then pulls together all of the consumers ‘Grabs’ and their own to create an addictive endless discovery platform.

Read on to learn more about how Grabble is changing the behaviour of digital shoppers, and why Katie believes usability and convenience for these tech-savvy consumers is pivotal for multichannel fashion retailers.

What are the most challenging aspects of mixing fashion and technology since taking over as Content Director?
Fashion and technology arent a natural fit on first view. However Grabble is incorporating fashion with the most high technology around, to ensure that our users get the very best of all the online fashion. Fashion is a very visual creative industry, whereas technology is extremely descriptive so we combine the both to make sure our product takes centre stage and is the very best it can be.

What % of your website visitors have come from mobile devices so far?

60% and rising, as we get a lot of traffic from our emails and social media which are mostly accessed through Android and iPhones.

Grabble are apparently due to launch an app soon – when is this going live and can you discuss the reason?

June- summer and the new Grabble app- what more do you want?!

Can you also tell us about some of the unique features of app?
The app ensures synchroncity between desktop and app so Grabble can be with you wherever you are and whatever Grabble option you choose, it is always up to date. It is also personalised, responsive, fast, seemless and fun, plus perfect for passing the time!

Which online marketing channels have you found most useful for Grabble?

Twitter has been our best platform with interaction and followers growing by the day. Instagram has also been fantastic for providing inspiration and fashion ideas for our users, yet the inability to have cliackable links has prevented it from being number one marketing channel.

It’s been an exciting year for Grabble, can you tell us some of the marketing plans you have up your sleeve for the next few months?

We are launching huge exciting new initiatives with blogger and retailers, kicking off with our big blogger launch party on the 29th May. We want to create a real sense of Grabble community with flashmobs, regional events and brand ambassadors all around the UK. Its a very very exciting time for Grabble.
Stay tuned!

Grabble is launching its new sleek website design and app over the forthcoming summer months so stay tuned for fashion at your fingertips.

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