4 key notes from Deloitte’s omnichannel opportunity report

Deloitte (the leading tax, consulting, enterprise risk and financial advisory services giant), was recently commissioned by eBay to investigate the impact of omnichannel retailing on key European retail markets. Omnichannel retailing being the integration of a range of different channels – from brick-and-mortar stores, to websites, to apps and social media – in order to provide a joined up customer journey and seamless shopping experience to consumers. The report combines econometric analysis, a consumer survey and interviews with leading retailers across Europe, and effective strategies for omnichannel.

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Key findings

Selected key findings from the report:

  • 1/3 of consumers had used two or more distinct channels during a recent purchase
  • Lucrative segments of the market such as frequent shoppers and those planning high-value purchases were more likely to have used different channels during a recent purchase
  • UK retailers found that over 95% of non-store sales are incremental to their store sales
  • 65% of shoppers use multiple channels when making orders over £100

These recent findings indicate that retailers are adopting new strategies, to accommodate to increasingly evolving changes in consumer behaviour, from instore technology to click & collect, and acknowledge that embracing omnichannel retailing and creating a broad presence across channels – through web searches, third-party sites and advertising – are found to increase both store and non-store sales, creating ripple effect on every cog of the ecommerce wheel.

Download The Omnichannel Opportunity published February 2014-Unlocking the power of the connected consumer (PDF) here:


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