Poq latest app for Ash Footwear UK

We’re proud to announce our latest app, for Ash Footwear UK.


Download it from the App Store here.

Founded in 2000, Ash shoes reflect a background in French luxury design, merged with Italian leathers and craftsmanship. Now you can shop their beautiful footwear on a new app for iPhone and iPad.

The layout is designed to create the best customer experience on mobile, with high-res photos, clear product pages, and user-friendly categories and search.



It’s easy to add products to your basket and then checkout.



The app also has a lookbook feature, where customers can browse through styled images of Ash footwear and then click the ‘Shop It’ button to see the shoes in the photos.



We’ve also given Ash the ability to add their own content including video and editorial pages, like this rundown of the top 5 shoes this season.


For more information on how you can add content to our mobile commerce platform, see our guide to social content here and in-app content here.

You can download the Ash Footwear UK app from the App Store here, or see some of our other apps here.

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