iOS 7 – why it’s a good move for mobile commerce

Apple’s new software, iOS7, has made a big splash.

  • 73% of Apple users are on iOS 7
  • 9MM iPhone5 sold first weekend
  • 11 launch countries including China
  • It took 3 days to get to 50% adoption

This post looks at the key impact for mobile commerce, and how Poq are changing our apps to adapt.

A software innovation, not a hardware innovation.

iOS7 includes better functional and visual designs. From new gestures, interactions to thin fonts, parallax effect and bright colors.

Also, there are significant differences with iOS 6: quick load speeds and no network limitations.

How iOS7 will change in-store mobile retail

The use of location to provide context is an indispensable part of a mobile marketing perspective.

Passbook, iBeacons, Airdrop or Popular Near me are some of the most relevant location futures you are going to see next year following Apple’s updates.

A quick primer

*iBeacons: GPS for retail. Can be used to find products in a store, as well as offering location-specific offers and messaging.

*Passbook: The place to keep your digital coupons, rewards and gift cards.

*Popular Near Me: increases discvery of niche and local apps based upon hyper local searches and downloads.

*Airdrop: really useful for peer-to-peer sharing. If you want to share something with your client in your store, this could be a way to do it.

At Poq, we’re planning some exciting new additions to our app that will take advantage of these capabilities. Look out for updates in early 2014.

How we’ve changed all Poq apps for iOS7

iOS 7 brings new features in all our apps:

  • automatic updates
  • a new and improved design
  • a friendly search bar: always displayed
  • better analytics and ecommerce tracking
  • flat icons, to fit with Apple’s design changes

Here’s a look at our new, iOS7-friendly designs:



You can download these apps here on the App Store (L-R): Hudson Shoes, ilovegorgeous, Moda in Pelle

Interested in finding out more? To keep up to date with everything we’re doing, follow our twitter account @poqcommerce.


This post was written by our marketing assistant, Sara Navarro Medina. Find her on Twitter here.


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