What time of day do people shop on mobile apps?

A while ago on this blog, we published some statistics about what time of day people shop on mobile apps.

We’ve just run the numbers again recently, and thought you might be interested in having a look!

This data comes from one of our online fashion retail clients and is taken from over a year of mobile commerce on their app.

Here’s the chart:

What time do people shop on retail apps for blog

The curves on this one are more smoothed out than last time, as we have more data, but the general pattern is the same. People seem to shop in the mornings, around lunchtime, and then there’s a huge peak in the evening – probably as a result of ‘dual-screening’, ie. people watching TV while also using a smartphone or tablet.

This information could be used to find the most effective time for push notifications (see our guide to writing them here). From our experience, retailers generally send out messages in the morning. That’s a fairly good time to reach shoppers according to this chart, but we’d recommend that retailers also experiment with sending them about 8pm, when people seem to be in a shopping mood.

If there’s any more data you’d like to see on this blog, let us know by commenting below, or tweet us @poqcommerce.

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