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Here’s a new feature for our blog – infographics that sum up the most important mobile commerce news of the week.


Macy’s Eyes Image Recognition app provides a better user experience than QR 

Macy’s have introduced an app that lets you scan products and then be alerted with the latest offers when you’re near your favorite store.


“We’re constantly looking for new technology that will make transition much, much easier. We’re actually doing something new in the holiday time frame with a new technology where it is visual recognition where you’ll be able – if it’s a billboard, if it’s a phone kiosk – if you have downloaded that app, you can wave your mobile device in front of it and what it allows you to do is to get the image of whatever product it is and also give you many other products like it, similar to an algorithm.” – Macy’s executive at Mobile Marketing Association’s SM2 conference.


Fendi Life Microsite has the potential for engaging consumers on an emotional level through storytelling


“A microsite allows the consumer to identify with the brand, to fall in love with a brand, to follow [the brand], and not because someone else is wearing the products.”

“Microsites create a deep emotional connection with an emphasis on story while showcasing merchandise,” – Thomai Serdari, Director of research and adjunct associate professor at NYU’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business.


Customer engagement strategy for repeat purchases by Rent the Runway


“When it comes to renting designer dresses online, there’s a lot of fear and apprehension from consumers,” “To address these apprehensions, we use personalized communications across all channels,”

“After someone’s first rental, we try to go above and beyond to create a Cinderella moment.” – Angie Gentile, director of brand marketing at Rent the Runway.

MobileWallet, the best option for Direct Mail


“I think wallet is actually revolutionary for direct mail because you can get a piece of direct mail, and you’ve got that three seconds before it’s going in the trash,”

“And if you text in or scan a QR code on the piece of direct mail, it’s going in your wallet, and that piece of paper is still going into the garbage, so you have that quick window,”

“That will be a behavior that takes time to adopt, but I see it as a huge enhancement to direct mail.” – Jack Philbin, CEO/cofounder of Vibes.


Enhance in-store shopping experience using Mobile by Walmart


“Walmart has their functionality with driving the mobile user in store to really interact and engage with their mobile product,” “Anything that is going to help increase their shopping experience and shopping satisfaction.” – Matt Goynes, mobile marketing manager at

“But if they can make it easier and more efficient, that will make me a happy and satisfied customer.”

“The benefit for your brand: organizing your customer’s physical and/or mobile gift cards can increase redemptions, you can send them a notification when they are near your store to boost traffic and, thinking longer-tem, you gain a permanent place in their wallet,” – Jenny Wise, an analyst at Forrester Research.


iBeacons: Your app sends an alert when users are nearby


Using Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE), iBeacon opens up a new whole dimension for retail by creating a beacon around regions so your app can be alerted when users enter them. Beacons are a small wireless sensors placed inside any physical space that transmit data to your iPhone using Bluetooth Low Energy (also known as Bluetooth 4.0 and Bluetooth Smart).


The world’s most popular brands on social media in September by Starcount.


Samsung got 2 Million new followers in Facebook with the launch of the new curved screen smartphone; National Geographic got 16 Million Youtube views with the announcement of its Giant Pandas 3D Movie; and Walt Disney launched the Frozen movie trailer and 500 thousand people talked about it on Facebook.


Gender differences on mobile purchases: men outpace women on mobile purchases


  • Women are much more price conscious, looking for a deal
  • Men tend to be more research intensive, reading reviews, more analytical perhaps, but then having made that decision will make the purchase and at that point price and free shipping is less important.”
  • Men are much more likely to showroom. They seem more comfortable making purchases on mobile devices and perhaps women are more cautious.

“It’s very easy to get carried away in the industry without realizing that women, who are the largest demographic out there in terms of online buying, still don’t feel comfortable with mobile commerce,” “We need to think about reassurance, to reassure people that it is safe, that their details are protected.” – Charles Nicholls, chief security officer/founder at SeeWhy.

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