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Most app developers have one big problem. They need to make their products stand out in a vast sea of other apps.

But for online retailers with a mobile app, this isn’t such an issue. You already have a strong brand and loyal customer base, and your mcommerce app has a clear value to customers.

However, in one important respect, retailers share the same problem; nobody will download your app if you don’t tell them about it!

Once you’ve talked about your app on your website, on your social media channels, and via email, the next step is to broaden your reach by paying. And that’s where Facebook Mobile App Install Ads come in.

Reach people directly on their phones

These ads pop up in the newsfeed of people browsing Facebook on their phone, with a big ‘install’ button so mobile users can download your app straight away

They look like the image below. You set them up using the Facebook ad manager, and they offer a wide variety of targeting options. You can choose to target particular demographics, interests, geographical areas, and even fans of your own Facebook page.

Hudson Facebook Ad screenshot

Want to target 23 year olds in Birmingham with a birthday next week? No problem!

The advantage of these ads is the huge variety of targetting you can do, which is all down to the amount of data people share with Facebook. You can reach people interested in fashion, show ads to people who are fans of your competitors, and even seek out people who have a birthday in the next week to show them special offers.

That does make it quite daunting to set up ads, however. We recommend starting out by casting a wide net, and testing a variety of ads to see what does best.

Top tips for using Facebook Mobile App Install Ads:

  • Ad fatigue normally kicks in around two weeks, so you should change your ad creative every fortnight
  • Try testing different ads. For instance, set up two ads with the same text and different images, then two ads with the same images and different text. Try using different products to see what gets the highest CTR.
  • Use an image that has a screenshot of your app, seen on a phone or tablet. Highlight your favourite product or screen within the app.
  • Include a list of benefits in the ad copy – why should people download this app? What benefits will they get? ie. discount codes, first look at products, easy access.
  • For testing, your budget can be small. Once you find an ad template that works, spend more money on it to see a higher rate of return.
  • Facebook have a video with the best practices for Mobile App Install Ads which you can view here.


Download our free guide to get started

If you’d like to find out more about these ads, we’ve written a full guide on how to use them, including a step-by-step walkthrough on how you can create an ad, and more tips on how to optimise your ad spend.

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