Sep 02, 2013 | By poq

Our latest app and mobile website for Hudson Shoes

We’re proud to announce our latest mobile website and app, launched online and on the App Store today. It’s for the fashionable London brand Hudson Shoes, who happen to be based just around the corner from Poq HQ.

Our mobile commerce platform was the perfect tool for them to showcase their clean branding and stylish footwear.

Check out some screenshots from the app, which you can download from the App Store here, and scroll down to read an interview with the guys at Hudson Shoes and find out why they decided to go mobile.

iOS Simulator Screen shot 2 Sep 2013 11.33.41

iOS Simulator Screen shot 2 Sep 2013 11.33.47

iOS Simulator Screen shot 2 Sep 2013 11.33.49

iOS Simulator Screen shot 2 Sep 2013 11.33.55

iOS Simulator Screen shot 2 Sep 2013 11.33.59

iOS Simulator Screen shot 15 Aug 2013 20.13.54

We caught up with Hudson to find out a bit more about their reasons for going mobile, and why they chose Poq.

Why did you decide to get a mobile site and app?

We’ve been seeing a fairly high visitor count from mobile devices, around 30% of our total traffic. But our site wasn’t very user-friendly on mobile phones – it was hard to view and buy products.

We were also hearing from customers that they wanted a mobile site. We knew we wanted to increase our conversion rate from visitors on phones, and in order to do that we needed to make it easier for these mobile visitors to buy.

How would you describe the Hudson brand?

We make fashionable everyday shoes, with a wide appeal to all kinds of people and ages. Each range that we produce has its own personality and appeals to a slightly different demographic. We try and cater for as many people as possible, which is one of the reasons we wanted to make it easier for our customers to buy via mobile.

Our average customer is probably between 20 – 40, and London is our biggest market at the moment. We appeal to footwear shoppers who are looking for everyday, durable, and good-looking shoes!

What made you choose Poq as a mobile solution?

We were already discussing mobile at Hudson Shoes, and we were considering a responsive site. Then Poq got in touch with us, and your mcommerce platform seemed like a good solution. It was quicker and more efficient to set up than a full responsive site, enabling us to see if we could improve our mobile conversion rate without the huge upfront investment in time and money. The mobile site is our key focus at the moment, but we’re interested to see how the app will perform as well.

We also liked the clean simple design, which worked well with the Hudson branding. As well as this, we appreciated the ability to customise the app, and the fact that the Poq platform means we’ll get new features and our app will always be up-to-date.

Download the Hudson shoes app here, or visit their mobile website at

To find out more about Poq and what we could do for your brand, click here.

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