Poq win the 2013 GlobalTIC Mobile & Cloud Computing Award

Poq co-founder Jun was recently in Taiwan to attend the GlobalTIC 2013 Award & Forum – and while he was there he managed to win us an award!

Taipei. Global Tic award - 72
We were invited along because of our status as Seedcamp winners. The whole forum was sponsored by the British Trade & Cultural Office Taiwan, as well as KPMG, Startup Weekend Taipei, the Taiwanese government, and others.

It was a packed week, with lots going on, especially as one full day was lost to a typhoon warning. Jun listened to keynote speeches and had mentoring 1 to 1 sessions with everyone from Taiwanese entrepreneurs to staff from Yahoo and the VP of Line (you can see part of this presentation below).

Taipei. Global Tic award - 98
On Wednesday afternoon there was a pitching competition for startups, in four categories – green technology, bio-technology, social enterprise, and Internet, Mobile & Cloud Computing.

Poq entered into the Internet, Mobile & Cloud Computing category, and Jun gave a presentation about our work, which included a 13 minutes pitch, a 3 minute video demo, and 5 minutes Q&A. He explained how we use mobile and the cloud to give our clients the best mobile commerce websites and apps, with our admin system completely accessible online.

And we won! Jun found this out during Friday evening presentation ceremony, when he was given with the award by the Deputy Prime Minister of Taiwan.

Taipei. Global Tic award - 26
The winners in the other categories included a Singapore startup creating a wristband for monitoring diabetes, and an Indonesian company turning banana peel into eco-friendly bags.

Jun actually donated our prize money (USD $3,000) to the winner of the social enterprise category. They’re a company making a wristband for deaf parents which monitors the crying pitch of their babies – the money should help them to make the first prototype of their product.

Taipei. Global Tic award - 27
Here’s the award itself – it’s handmade glass, created by a famous Taiwanese artist. We’re moving office soon so this will take pride of place in our new location.


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