Everything retailers need to know about mcommerce

Yesterday we headed to the annual Pure London event, a dizzyingly large tradeshow where fashion retailers from all over the UK and beyond compete to attract buyers.

We were there to talk about mobile commerce for fashion retail. Is it worth it? What do you need to know? And how can you get started?

Pure London photo

Sharing the stage with our sales director Mike was Michelle Lee, the founder and director of Keungzai, the stylish women’s and maternity brand.

Keungzai are one of our clients, and we recently updated their app and mobile website to version 2 of our platform, giving them new features including a shoppable lookbook and wishlist (download the app here, or visit their mobile website here).

Michelle and Mike talked about the differences between a mobile app and website, what’s special about mcommerce for fashion, and how Keungzai made the journey to their own mobile app and website.

The presentation included our top five tips for getting started on mobile, and also has some amazing stats from Michelle, including the fact that their bounce rate from mobile users was reduced by nearly a quarter following the launch of the app and mobile website, and that mobile users now spend an average of three minutes longer on the site.

You can see the whole presentation below, or read it on Slideshare here.

[slideshare id=25017095&doc=purepresentationforwebsite-130807041510-phpapp01]

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