4 most important stats from Deloitte’s new mobile research

“2013 is the year mobile moves from a project run by the IT department to a strategic priority in the boardroom”

That’s a quote from Ian Geddes, head of research at Deloitte, who’ve just released a report looking at the true potential of mobile. This report is a must-read for anyone wondering what UK consumers currently think about mobile.  So we’ve picked out what we think are the key statistics every retailer should know.

A massive 89 per cent of 25 to 34 year olds now own a smartphone

This is a vital demographic for online retailers. They tend to be more affluent than younger mobile owners, and more likely to buy fashion online than older shoppers. If you’re targeting this demographic, can you afford not to have a presence on mobile?

More than £15 billion of in-store UK retail sales are influenced by mobile activities

Not surprising when you realise that 34% of people agree with the statement “When I need to check for any kind of information about a product or a service I first reach out for my mobile or smartphone device.”

People are searching for information on their phones, researching products, checking stock availability, and more.

deloitte graph

25 per cent of consumers have downloaded an app for shopping and purchasing goods in the last 12 months


That’s a quarter of all consumers who are using apps to buy on their phones. Deloitte’s research shows that consumers use mobile websites to carry out searches, but prefer apps for exploring ‘specific content’. Brands need to be aware of the whole mobile ecosystem and how consumers are using different aspects to connect with retailers.


The next generation are app enthusiasts


48 per cent of consumers aged 16 to 24 said they would prefer to shop from an app than a website. There’s a whole new generation of shoppers who are glued to their phones, and who are likely to continue this pattern of consuming as they get older and more affluent.
prefer apps
A mobile future?
You can download the whole report here on the Deloitte website. It’s a great snapshot of how UK consumers are using mobile, as well as containing helpful advice on how brands can develop their mobile strategy, and how to choose between developing a mobile website or app (you might find our own report on the same topic useful too).


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