Poq at the Lulu Guinness Paint Project

We checked out the Lulu Guinness Paint Project on New Oxford Street, where special edition handbags were to be created by street artist  Joseph Steele and sold for charity.


The event was held in a converted warehouse with opaque walls like a present waiting to be unwrapped.


Crowded street corners milled with palpable excitement in front of the location, unprepared yet eager to discover the event within.


The eponymous “paint project” used literal explosions to spray handbags with glossy red splotching: a contrast that invoked cinematic splatter with an artistic touch. Each design was uniquely styled by both the careful aim of the artists and the primal clouding of the paint. Cameras captured the moments of creation; their flashes of clinical white reflecting in the bursts of wild red.


A stimulating atmosphere and beverage selection kept everyone alert and excited as the night of creativity unfolded.


Catering matched the venue with an eclectic combination of lobster rolls and chocolate, another image of the colour scheme that Lulu Guinness and  Joseph Steele used to permeate the night.


Positioned backdrops displayed patterns of incandescent colours, a perfect opportunity for a memorable photo to close a night of daring exhibition.

View the event page on the Lulu Guinness site.

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