4 useful tools for testing mobile sites

A mobile website is a must for online retailers. But launching it can be daunting – with a thousand different devices out there, testing can seem like a never-ending process. We’ve written a comprehensive guide on what to check before you launch, whether you’re building a responsive website or a dedicated mobile site.

As a taster, here’s some of the information from the report:

Tools for testing your mobile site

Here are four of our favourite tools that will help you prevent some common errors when launching.

  • mobiReady
    Wondering about .MOBI? This site tests your domain for .MOBI compatibility and produces a detailed report.
  • iPadpeek
    Apple’s iPad is the leading device in the fast-growing tablet space, and it’s particularly important to fashion retailers. This site gives a preview of how your site will look to these users.
  • Mobitest
    Speed is extremely important to mobile users. If your site doesn’t load quickly, they’re likely to move on. Use this tool to speedtest your mobile website.
  • Screenfly
    There are so many different mobile resolutions nowadays; Screenfly allows you to see how your site will appear at each one.

What to check before you launch your mobile website – get the free report


These tools are just a sample of the tips and advice in our latest free report, which looks at what you should check before you launch your mobile site, whether it’s a dedicated mobile URL or a fully responsive website.

Once you download the report you will also find seventeen key steps for testing your mobile site prior to release. These include optimizing your site for search, ensuring mobile accessibility, and avoiding popups that are useful on a desktop but aggravating on mobile.

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