View from a fashion blogger – Lozzii †

(Interview by Natalie Wardle)

Lozz Chatfield is a 19 year old ”Devonian” Eyeko Affiliate Ambassador by day and fashion junkie by night. She is coincidentally a great admirer of Wednesday Adam’s style (aren’t we all) Lozzii † is an indulgement of her dual obsessions with underground street punk trends, and the art of retro Gothic beauty. Lozz fuses this with inspiration found on Instagram, as she finds the internet is the perfect medium for hunting unique items. Here she gives us her tips on where to hunt for the hottest new looks!




What percentage of your wardrobe do you buy online as opposed to in-store?


I’d say that 95% of my wardrobe is purchased online, I normally know what I’m looking for and when I get a specific idea in my head, the internet is easier to get exactly what I want!



Which are your most loved brands to buy from online, and why?


I love finding bargains so eBay is probably my most used website for my clothing, besides that I love online brands like Daisy Street and ASOS but the majority of my stuff is eBay!



What features do you most appreciate when shopping from online fashion shops? i.e. Editorial content, free returns, styling advice, video content etc


I most appreciate free returns and LOVE free delivery, and the best websites are the ones that regularly give opportunities to get discount on items, I’ve noticed I tend to use a website less if they never really do discounts or promotions!



If you have a smartphone, do you have any fashion apps on it? Which are your favourites?


I have a few online shopping fashion apps like Topshop, ASOS, H&M but primarily for fashion inspiration I love using Instagram, I know it’s not a fashion app but I get a lot of inspiration from seeing pictures of outfits and clothing!



What’s your favourite social media channel for connecting with fashion brands?


Facebook is probably my most used for connecting with fashion brands, I love that you can regularly keep updated with new items or new promotions via Facebook, and that’s regularly where I can get a lot of my info from about new discount codes or find out when an out of stock item is coming back into stock etc.





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