Poq launch Version 2.0

Today’s a big day here at Poq! We’re at the Sheerluxe B2B conference to launch version 2.0 of our mobile commerce platform for fashion retailers.

Our developers have spent the last six months upgrading the software behind our apps and mobile websites. We’ve added new features designed to create the best shopping experience for consumers. It’s also great for retailers, who get a beautifully branded, high-converting app or mobile website.

As part of our research, we interviewed fashion consumers who shop online, and asked them what they thought about buying on phones and tablets. This gave us some great insights which we used to create the app. We got comments like:

“If [a fashion brand] have got an app, then I’d go straight to the app.  If it didn’t have an app, I’d go to the website.  I just find it a bit fiddly sometimes when it doesn’t adapt to an iPhone.  Then you’ve got to scroll in and out, zoom in and try to click the links and sometimes the little squares don’t click correctly.  It’s just better when it’s specifically for a phone, I think.  It’s easier to buy from one that’s purposely built for transactions.”


“So I suppose [I like apps because] it’s that you can do it anywhere.  You can buy anywhere and browse anywhere.  I like that because I am quite busy.  When I’m just relaxing, shopping or in a café or something, that’s when I really start browsing, start looking at clothes and start to shop.”

Here’s a look at all the awesome new features we’ve added to our mcommerce platform for version 2.0.

Shoppable lookbooks.

We’re really excited about this feature. Nearly every online fashion retailer creates beautiful lookbooks and model shots, but finds it hard to make the most of them for online sales.

Our new feature is a way for you to get added value from these assets. You simply upload the pages to our admin system, and then link all the products in each image. Customers can shop the products with a swipe of their finger, getting styling inspiration while you cross-sell products. A win-win situation!

lookbooks montage

Search and sorting

Your customers can now search for specific items on your mobile app or mobile website, and also sort products by price, featured, and new in.

product-search jpg



For multi-channel retailers, this is invaluable. Customers can call stores from within the app, and see which branches are nearest them.



When interviewing consumers we found that some liked the ability to save products into wishlists, while others preferred to save products in their checkout bag for later. We can now cater for both types of customers.

Products placed into the checkout will remain there for future sessions, but we’ve also introduced a new wishlist feature, which lets customers save their favourite products using a small heart button.

love feature

Customisable front page and sales section

Our new front page lets retailers merchandise their products on mobile. You can upload promotional banners which link to any section, for example the new sales area (we also now show before and after sales prices within the app). This is perfect for showcasing new products, special offers, and seasonal discounts. Plus, it’s a great platform for your branding.


Want to know more?

Michael from Poq will be presenting a case study all about our Moda in Pelle app at the Sheerluxe conference today.

It’s an in-depth look at how we worked with the company, the problems we overcame, what we did to boost their mobile commerce strategy.

See the case study below, including what the specific results were for Moda in Pelle (sneak preview: they more than doubled their mobile conversion rate!).

To find out more about our mobile platform and how it works, click here.

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