Diana Kakkar, founder of LDN Bloggers

Diana Kakkar is the founder of LDN Bloggers (and also runs her on street style diary TrendBridged). She decided to start this innovative new platform after noticing there was a wide gap in the digital market for a network solely for bloggers in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle sector.

It’s a place where they can engage creatively and have the opportunities to become brand ambassadors for campaigns. Above all else she believes in supporting bloggers in doing what they love, and finding them projects that they genuinely support. Considering her extensive wealth of experience on the subject, we thought we would pick her brains about the best of fashion ecommerce.




What do you think are the most successful tactics LDN Bloggers have used to achieve social media success?
LDN Bloggers’ core revolves around people. Engaging with people virtually and face to face is a part and parcel of everyday schedule.
Having said that, we don’t just talk on social media, we converse across our platforms with all our stakeholders. We use it to receive feedback, give information, connect individuals and talk about all we love and do at LDN Bloggers’ HQ.
I think the fact that we listen and respond is the most important for us to create our network of followers. We try to react to every tweet personally mentioning us, engage with people who would like to connect with us and connect to people who we would like to engage with. It’s our window to the world while sitting at our desk. However, I do believe, social media combined with a follow up face to face meeting/email is the best way to create genuine relationships, of course wherever possible.

What inspired you to found LDN Bloggers?
LDN bloggers was founded when I, as a designer and a blogger realised that I wished there was a one stop shop for me to meet and work on campaigns with people genuinely interested in my brand ( if I was a designer) or my blog.
We believe in creating genuine relations between bloggers and brands, to spread the message organically. With that aim, we started LDN Bloggers to create a blogger to brand relationship agency to work on creative campaigns keeping in mind our clients/brands marketing goals.

Which social media platform/s do you find the most useful for promoting LDN Bloggers and why?
We are a very visual company. Being inspired by moodboards, colours, runway shows, places and photography is in the LDN Bloggers’ DNA. That combined with the importance of talking and connecting with people, we have had the strongest presence on Twitter and now our newly introduced platform Pinterest has started garnering interest.The fact that we have a interconnected ecosystem, and culminate all our efforts on our Facebook page, it just helps us stay connected.
We launched our website last week, so the blog is where we invite guest bloggers to contribute articles of their expertise.
We truly believe that to be socially present you have to be social through and through. It is a commitment and a very rewarding one, indeed.

Thanks Diana! Make sure you check out LDNBloggers. And if you’re looking for more tips on how to reach out to bloggers, read our blog post on the topic here.

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