View from a fashion blogger: Tolly Dolly Posh Fashion

Meet the ridiculously talented 12 year old Tolmeia Gregory (of Tolly Dolly Posh blogging fame), recently featured in The Telegraph’s article ‘Meet The Children Blogging About The World’, her fashion blog is an endearing collection of musings, and observations of her daily life (such as visiting her first ever Venetian masked ball) to tips on how to keep on trend by customising clothes D.I.Y style (excerpts include how to sew on a Peter Pan collar), and Tolmeia even invites readers to submit photographs of themselves, so she can create a bespoke outfit for them.

Tolmeia, who splits her time between Cheltenham and rural France, set up her blog in April last year, with help from her big sis. Her dream, she says, ‘’is to be a fashion designer, which I’ve wanted to do since I was 10, and I hope my blog will help with that.’’ Tolly Dolly Posh Fashion gets 150 – 200 hits daily and not surprisingly her hero is the trail – blazing American teen-blogger Tavi Gevinson, who also started writing a fashion blog at the tender age of 12 – the success of which means that she is now a regular at New York and Paris fashion weeks and has appeared on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for media personalities. ‘’I got her book for Christmas and it’s so cool!’’ Tolmeia exclaims. ‘‘She was my age when she started and she’s so successful now – I hope I can do the same.’’ From the engaging content she’s already produced for such a young person, we’d be inclined to agree. Here’s what happened when we asked her a few questions regarding her favourite fashion websites…


What percentage of your wardrobe do you buy online as opposed to in-store?

I would probably say about 40% of my wardrobe is from online stores. Recently I have being buying a lot more online though, as I find there are some cheap bargains popping up, like things in sales and from sites which offer free delivery – that is very tempting!

Which are your most loved brands to buy from online, and why?

It would have to be ASOS and places like Look Fantastic. They both offer free delivery and a large range of products. ASOS are best for bargains though, and I find they are easy to deal with, which is good when dealing with over – seas delivery and posting things for give-aways etc.

What features do you most appreciate when shopping from online fashion shops? i.e. Editorial content, free returns, styling advice, video content etc

As I said, free delivery is an important thing. I have a small budget (I am only 12!), so I have to always make sure that the delivery is either free or under £2. I did the review on the ASOS Personal Stylist, and found that that was helpful because it meant I didn’t have to search through thousands of items!

If you have a smartphone, do you have any fashion apps on it? Which are your favourites?

I’m mainly on my laptop, so I don’t really use my phone for apps like that, but I do like having things like eBay to have a quick browse when on the go or just having a sit down.

What’s your favourite social media channel for connecting with fashion brands?

It has to be Twitter. I didn’t used to use it that much, but in the past months it has been so helpful! I have been able to talk to brands about new collections, collabs, etc and it’s so easy! It also means that if you’re following one brand, and then they’re chatting away to another, you can find so many doors to new things that you may have never seen before. It’s really helpful.

Thanks Tolly! Visit her blog at:

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