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We’re excited to announce a brand new interview series on the Poq blog – Fashion Tech Insiders. We’ll be grilling fashion-tech experts and entrepreneurs to find out exactly how they mix new technology with old-school fashion, and what their top tips are for those looking to catch up.

To kick off this series we’re interviewing Kristina von Oertzen, editor and founder of Launched in 2011, it’s an insider guide for London presenting the best places for shopping in the capital including sample sales, shopping events and discount vouchers.

Kristina von Oertzen


Kristina has been a keen shopper since her early teens. As a frequent traveller she’s seen retail in many shapes and forms from outlet malls in the US to street markets in Bangkok. Throughout her career first in banking and later in corporate events, shopping was the one steady path she continued to follow. With a little black book of the best international addresses retail has to offer Kristina quickly established her self as ‘the shopping expert’ amongst her peers. Find out what she thinks about omnichannel retail, the need for bricks-and-mortar shops, and her number one social media traffic source…

What do you think the biggest challenges are in mixing fashion and technology?

With today’s technology we can show fashion in exciting new ways from augmented reality, 360 views to virtual changing rooms but it still isn’t possible to feel the fabric, see how the outfit looks on you and colours vary depending on your computer screen. I’m glad there still is a reason for brick and mortar shopping because that’s what Shopping Spy is all about. I think there always will be a reason to go shopping in a physical store. Online and brick & mortar shopping actually compliment each other perfectly. I can’t imagine that one will ever be replaced by the other.

Which social media platform do you find the most useful for your business, and why?

I’m a big fan of Twitter because of the immediate response you get. It’s great to get quick answers and feedback. Also, I met so many great people and brands via twitter that I would never have met otherwise.  Facebook is my number one social media traffic source. Every now and then I invest into a sponsored post and I’m always amazed how much traffic I can get for just a few pounds.

Have you seen an increase in mobile traffic over the last few years?

Strangely not. I’m personally using my mobile a lot more to access the Internet but Shopping Spy is mainly viewed from non mobile devices.

What is your main source of new customers online?

Google organic search is sending me most of my traffic. What also works really well are guest posts on other websites, forum discussions with a link to my site and Facebook.

What do you think are the main challenges and advantages in linking on-line and off-line retail?

Today’s consumer is very demanding and expects all channels to work seamlessly together. Everyone is now talking about Omnichannel where all retail channels from online, mobile, call center to physical store are connected with each other. They exchange data in realtime to offer consumers to start their purchase in one channel and finish it in another. This could be a customer who orders an out-of-stock product in store to be delivered to his/her home address or someone who starts the order with the call center and then completes it later online.

Omnichannel is still very much wishful thinking but if you keep your eyes open you can see that there are a few retailers who are getting very close.

Thank you Kristina for taking part in our new interviews series! What do you think readers, is Omnichannel retail currently wishful thinking? Let us know in the comments, and make sure you check out for all the latest on shopping in London.

If you’d like to nominate someone to be interviewed for this series, or if you’re interested in taking part yourself, email with the subject line ‘Fashion Tech Insiders’.

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