View from a fashion blogger – What Olivia Did

For the third part of our on-going series investigating fashion bloggers opinions on what’s hot (in the words of Paris Hilton), and what’s not in the fast paced world of retail ecommerce, we met Olivia Purvis – a 19 yr blogger/shop worker and 60’s enthusiast to boot! Here’s what she had to say on the subject…

Olivia of What Olivia Did

What percentage of your wardrobe do you buy online as opposed to in-store?

I probably buy about 30% online, and the rest in store. I like being able to try things on and think about it- as well as see what it looks like in person. I guess the 30% is impulse buys (which I’m trying to minimalise), sale items or things I know I won’t be able to see in person.

Which are your most loved brands to buy from online, and why?

Probably Topshop and ASOS! It’s always so so easy to make a purchase, and I love the fact that with sites like ASOS you can essentially ‘hold’ items to think about them, as well as being able to remember your personal details, which makes things all the more smoother. I’ve also noticed Urban Outfitters have added a feature which makes purchasing easier, which I may have to try out!

What features do you most appreciate when shopping from online fashion shops?

I really like editorial content and styling advice- if I’m deliberating something (say, on ASOS) I’ll usually head to their fashion edits or magazine, to see if it’s been styled in an interesting or inspiring way- and how I canĀ incorporateĀ it into my wardrobe. Additionally, I’ll also look on the Topshop tumblr for street style inspiration, as they usually feature some of their key pieces there which is always handy.

If you have a smartphone, do you have any fashion apps on it? Which are your favourites?

I usually check out the Company Mag app weekly which has some really inspiring features- and use Pinterest to pin outfit ideas and items I’m saving up for.

What’s your favourite social media channel for connecting with fashion brands?

Probably Twitter, as everything’s so instant! You’re able to get quick replies, check out new items and features in the click of a button- and everything’s updated so frequently that it means you’re constantly checking back.

Thanks Olivia! Make sure you check out her (award-winning!) blog at

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