View from a fashion blogger: Sarah of Fashion Dotty

Here’s the first in a new series for the Poq blog – a chance to hear from fashion bloggers about which brands they think are getting it right online.

First up is Sarah of Fashion Dotty. Based in Manchester, she’s a busy lass – studying an International Fashion Marketing degree, working in fashion retail for Oasis and running a brilliant style blog as well. Read on to find out why she loves niche labels, Twitter, and hunting for Jeffrey Campbell shoes on Ebay…


What percentage of your wardrobe do you buy online as opposed to in-store? 

Pretty much a fifty-fifty split. Half of my wardrobe is populated by purchases from ASOS, Etsy, eBay, Nasty Gal and Karmaloop – basically pieces you can’t find in stores – then there are the impulse purchases from bricks-and-mortar Topshop along with a whole load of vintage and charity shop finds. Usually my online purchases are fuelled by a long search for a certain item, a discount code, or being drunk in charge of a computer. My in-store purchases are normally much less exciting and have been put-off for a long time, like new tights.

Which are your most loved brands to buy from online, and why?

I love Minkpink and Wildfox, mostly because these are niche labels in the UK so I won’t see anyone else in the same thing. I am also a sucker for lifestyle branding and these two have that down pat! I love to find rare and unusual Jeffrey Campbell shoes on eBay too, plus if there’s a live Karmaloop discount code I’ll usually take advantage and score a bargain pair of JCs. If I’m just browsing then I check out Isabel Marant, Ashish, and Shakuhachi – the expensive boho/bonkers look is my favourite.

Do you download fashion apps on to your phone? Which are your favourites?

Sadly I use a Blackberry! I have the Zara BB app which just directs you to their mobile site. I have played on some real apps though and I really enjoyed Topshop’s student challenge, when in-store tasks carried out using a smartphone earned you discounts, and I also like flicking through the ASOS magazine on iPad. I liked being able to shop the Charlotte Free #BestNightEver editorial straight from the pages.

What’s your favourite social media channel for connecting with fashion brands?

It has to be Twitter. Whereas as a kid I would write long, hand-written letters to my favourite celebrities (ahem, Boyzone) and receive nothing in return, nowadays I can fire a quick Tweet and almost guarantee a response off my favourite brand. @WildfoxUK are awesome at giving advice (whether it’s boy trouble or the fit of their tees) which really enforces their lifestyle branding though sadly some brands are not quite so on the ball, which definitely makes me think less of the brand.

Thank you Sarah!

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