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The lovely Miss Kirsty Fong – a 25yr old Yorkshire lass and budding Freelance Stylist, also coincidentally possesses a Biology Degree, and thinks that the subjects of nature and fashion are not so dissimilar. She describes her blog as a visual narration of the ‘sartorial customisation of clothes, and the evolution of fashion’. On a lighter note, here’s what she also had to say about browsing the latest looks on ShopStyle, girly days out to the shops and her addiction to bagging online bargains…


What percentage of your wardrobe do you buy online as opposed to in-store? 

I’d say I buy about 70 – 80% online, as I love to find bargains and one – off pieces to add to my wardrobe. There’s always a sale somewhere online which may not necessarily be happening in the shops! However shopping is a real social thing for me, and often hanging out with my friends centres around this activity! It’s always great to have a second opinion on that impulse buy

Which are your most loved brands to buy from online, and why?

I’m not really brand – orientated but my favourite places to shop online are ASOS and eBay. ASOS has the most user friendly site with their ‘Save for Later’ option, and amazing product details including a catwalk video and in depth product details. eBay literally sells everything you can think of and the filtering system is advanced. NastyGal is probably my go to place for American fashion, and all of the above offer many brands and have a huge range which makes it nice to shop as I can find everything in one place. Finally, customer communication regarding returns, deliveries and user issues is really important to me and I’ve found both eBay and ASOS are very good at this.

What features do you most appreciate when shopping from online fashion shops? i.e. Editorial content, free returns, styling advice, video content etc

I have to say I’m an online shopper with high expectations! I expect online retailers to provide free returns and to present stock in both categories as well as trends. I love online editorials like Net-a-Porter and ASOS provide, and the more info about the product I can get the better. I really like the user reviews that Very have on each item. I’m always interested if an online retailer has a blog too – Topshop Tumblr is my favourite by far.

If you have a smartphone, do you have any fashion apps on it? Which are your favourites?

I love Style.Com, and often use ShopStyle, ASOS, and eBay applications to shop from my phone. I use Instagram to specifically follow fashion news and brands as well as fashion personalities as it’s a really quick way to get an update on what’s going on right now.

What’s your favourite social media channel for connecting with fashion brands? 

It has to be Twitter – although I think Instagram is catching up fast! Twitter is such a smart tool to interact with the world. You can find out about fashion news, competitions, blogs – just about everything! But it’s not just about receiving information; there’s a possible interaction with your favrourite brand and this makes it more exciting. I think people don’t just buy into a brand these days, you buy into a lifestyle so being able to follow this is fun.

Thanks Kirsty! Check out her blog at Kirst and The Fashion Crowd

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