View from a fashion blogger: Elisabeth of Thrills and Frills

Interested in a customer’s view of ecommerce? Here’s the second in our series of posts looking at online shopping from a fashion blogger’s perspective published by Natalie Wardle.

This time it’s Elisabeth of Thrills and Frills who’s kindly agreed to answer our questions. She’s a London-based manager for the men’s clothing brand Sunspel, and part-time visual merchandiser. Read on to find out about her sneaky 4am clothing purchases and why she prefers to buy vintage online.

What percentage of your wardrobe do you buy online as opposed to in-store?
I would say these days it’s 50/50. I buy most if not all of my vintage pieces online on sites like Etsy because even though it can be risky, it’s always so much cheaper (especially as vintage shops in London can be quite expensive!). On the few occasions it doesn’t work out I can always resell the item on eBay so I don’t lose out too much. If its just normal shopping for clothes I will always see if there is somewhere online that sells it a lot cheaper but if its something expensive that I’ve wanted for a long time I like the experience that comes with going into a shop, it feels more of a treat if I’m physically having to pay for it at a till. If I’m not going to save a massive amount I prefer to support the shops – since I work in retail I know how important it is.

Which are your most loved brands to buy from online, and why?
I don’t often shop there but I like online brands like ASOS for cheap accessories like sunglasses, or I find that during the sales Urban Outfitters has great stock that gets marked down really cheaply and it’s easier to shop the sale that way. Otherwise I mostly buy labels like A.P.C. or Margaret Howell from websites like Coggles and Far Fetch, which sell a mixture of brands, and have great styling and easy to work layouts. Overall though, I probably shop the most on Etsy as its so easy to find great one off vintage pieces.

Do you download fashion apps on to your phone? Which are your favourites?
I’m very new to the world of smart phones so I’m definitely still building up in this area. However I do really love shopping apps like Etsy, eBay and Topshop because its SO easy to browse and shop from them. If I can’t sleep sometimes I find myself on the apps and quite often make sneaky 4am purchases from under my duvet! Other than that I tend to use Polyvore as you can create and follow other’s wish lists, and Vogue Daily News to keep up with anything interesting happening in the world of fashion.

What’s your favourite social media channel for connecting with fashion brands?
I think Twitter is definitely the overall winner here! It’s fantastic how easy it is to follow your favourite brands now. I like that I can find out so quickly about sample sales, press days and new stores, where years ago I would have looked to fashion blogs and magazines. It’s also great that if you have questions you’re able to contact them directly without having to wonder if they ever got your email or not. I also like following the brands that are starting to use Instagram, like A.P.C. and Sunspel, because it lets you feel like the brands want you to be part of their team, both Twitter and Instagram are making shoppers feel closer to the brands which overall makes you happier to spend your money with them!

Thanks Elisabeth!

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