Poq in the Financial Times!

A few weeks ago the Financial Times came to our offices to interview our co-founder Oyvind Henriksen. It was all in aid of an article and short video on entrepreneurship and immigration. We’re an international company here at Poq (5 countries and counting) so we were happy to give our opinion.

Here’s a screenshot of Oyvind on the FT homepage:

To read the full article, just visit the FT website (you need to register, but it’s free). There’s a video too, so we took a few screenshots to give you a flavour of the Poq offices!

Here’s Oyvind with Ravi Mattu of the FT. Just chatting. In front of our rather large stormtrooper mural.

Here’s Oyvind’s moment of fame as a talking head:

They also filmed one of our apps in use:

Here’s a bigger close-up. This is our Moda in Pelle app which you can download here.

And finally here’s a wide shot of our office. Spot the Space Invaders in the background.

Don’t forget to visit the FT website to read the whole article, and let us know what you think!

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