Poq get creative at #Seedhack with CheckoutEverywhere

This weekend our intrepid developers braved the terrible weather to take part in the Seedcamp Fashion Hackathon, spending two days at Google Campus building innovative fashion/tech solutions with 100 other techies, designers, and financers.

Amongst other things, they found out what the two favourite colour schemes for fashion websites are (‘black and white’, or ‘white and black’ apparently). They also saw lots of great ideas come to life, like this fun Fashion Intern Facebook game, the genius manb.ag handsfree shopping idea, and the worthy winners of the whole event #relist.

While we didn’t come home with the coveted grand prize (a USS Enterprise pizza cutter, believe it or not) Jun from Poq (@j_g_seki) did win the accolade ‘Fastest to Market’ with his creation CheckoutEverywhere, made with Harpal Singh (@harpalux).

Jun and Harpal at the Seedhack

The basic idea is: ‘A disruptive affiliate platform providing responsive checkout widgets to propel conversions’.

Or to put it in slightly less tech-y language, it’s a way to buy products directly from blogs and other affiliate sellers, without having to click over to the seller’s website.

Say you’re browsing Atlantic-Pacific, and you really need to buy those Acne jeans she’s wearing. With Checkout Anywhere, you just click on the product image, and a sales widget pops up so you can purchase the coat on Paypal without leaving the blog.

Here are some screenshots to explain a bit further.

So you see a blogger wearing an amazing leopard-print coat. You have to have it.

CheckoutAnywhere have a widget at the bottom of the page, so you can click directly on the product you want.

The sales window opens up on top of the blog, so you stay on the original site.


All you do is enter your Paypal details, and the coat is yours!

 What do you think Рwould you use something like this?

What we like about this solution is that it lets you sell affiliate products without disrupting the editorial flow of the site in order to visit a retailer. It also solves the problems of expired affiliate links and products being out of stock. Here’s the details:

  • Our Rich Checkout Agent aims to process orders through to payment without the visitor ever leaving the publisher’s website
  • We provide a widget to Buy Now, using branded responsive overlays for the checkout steps.
  • Our platform uses merchant or Shopify/Magento APIs to grab real time product info, and send orders.
  • We manage all payment processes, commission structures between publishers and merchants.
  • This solution deals with all the order fulfilment behind the scenes.

Watch this space for more details of CheckoutEverywhere’s future! And a huge thankyou to everyone involved in #seedhack for a great weekend.

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