Moda in Pelle app launch

We’re proud to say that our latest app has just been launched!

It’s for the shoe retailer Moda in Pelle, and you can download it from the Apple Store here. Want a sneak peek of what it looks like?

This was a great project to work on – Moda have a huge amount of product, and it was exciting to be able to showcase the whole range on mobile. The app makes it easy to browse and buy shoes like this tempting selection of winter ankle boots:

Whatever kind of shoe you choose, there’s lots of beautiful high-res pictures to help you make up your mind.

And the little ‘i’ button on the top right? That holds all the vital information about each product, so the main layout stays clean, uncluttered, and easy to browse.

We made and launched the app for Moda in Pelle in a month, so it was ready in time for the all-important Christmas season.

It looks great on the iPad too. Need a new court shoe for your Xmas party? Moda in Pelle have you covered.


Checkout is a smooth process. Our app remembers your information after the first time you enter it, and you can pay by Paypal or credit card.

So there you have it, a new way to feed your shoe shopping addiction by mobile.

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