Why fashion fans love push notifications

Oyvind from Poq will be presenting tonight at the TechHub event ‘Making The Most of Mobile Shopping’, and he’s in prestigious company, with other speakers coming from Ebay and Paypal.

He’ll be talking about what Poq have learnt after a full year of business. It’s all happening at Google Campus London and the event is totally booked-up, but don’t fret if you didn’t manage to get a ticket. We’ll have a full roundup on this blog later in the week.

We thought we’d give you a taster of his talk with one of our most interesting findings:

Fashion fans love push notifications!


Tatty Devine have had 13,000 downloads of the app we made for them. And out of all those jewellery lovers, 11,000 chose to enable push notifications. That’s nearly 90%!

We were surprised by how high this number was, but actually it makes perfect sense. If they’re big enough fans to download the app, they want to know about the latest sales and updates from Tatty. It makes no sense to turn off push notifications when you’re interested in the brand.

Why is this important?

It matters because push notifications are one of the key reasons to have your own native app. Here’s why:

  • It’s a totally new marketing channel for your brand!
  • Push notifications replace old-school SMS campaigns. They’re easier too.
  • You can reach your customers everywhere, at home or out shopping.
  • They’re the perfect tool for publicising flash sales and product updates.
  • The short format is quick and easy to read, and customers are more likely to notice a push notification than a Twitter update or e-newsletter.
Are you wondering how often to send out push notifications? We’ve found that major fashion retailers tend to send out about one a month, with more frequency at busy times such as sales.
Check back later this week for more tips and information on mobile retail (or see you tonight at Google Campus!)
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