Flux is an iconic independent fashion and technology magazine, featuring the best cutting-edge news and content from the UK & across the globe. Established by Lee Taylor, Flux was first launched as a 30 page fanzine sold in Manchester’s city centre in 1997, and then transferred to digital with the formation of the domain fluxmagazine.com which launched in 2010. 70,000 copies per issue are now sold annually across the UK and internationally. The online magazine now builds on the same quality-led ethos of the paper.

Lee Taylor remains the founding editor-in-chief, with 10 years experience in the trade under his belt. Focusing on high quality, culturally savvy editorial and content, Lee has worked with many corporate and independent brands on campaigns, editorials and publications. Lee has also written for Dazed Digital and ASOS Online. In his role at Flux Magazine, Lee has interviewed many internationally known figures such as Grandmaster Flash, (the late) Alexander McQueen and Tony Wilson. Lee has also managed projects for major commercial brands such as Nike, Absolut, Sony BMG, Diesel, Fred Perry, Stella Artois, Smirnoff and Philips.

Lee is also a curator of the E-Zines category of the NOISE Festival 2006. NOISE Festival 2006 (the very first celebration of the UK’s best emerging creatives), received 4,000 entries from across the country and was featured throughout the media, including BBC and MTV. Lee and fellow Flux Magazine Co-Founder Claire Lomax joined the media and other NOISE Festival 2006 Curators at the official launch of the festival at TATE Liverpool.

Now Flux has evolved again into a ‘digital hub for all things creative’. As the main influencer behind Flux’s successful online evolution, we had the rare opportunity to get into the influencing mind of Lee, and discover the key to successful digital evolving for fashion companies.

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 (Flux Magazine’s Founder Lee Taylor, talking at NOISE Festival).

What do you think is the key to your online success has been?

A lot of it is down to tenacity and a refusal to give up. We were previously a print magazine for many years, and so we already had the contacts and were taken seriously by the press and p.r. industries plus were known to our readers. When we launched the magazine as a fully online magazine we were helped by that history but we worked hard to make it work.

How did you find the initial stages of moving to tablet and mobile?

We are not yet fully optimised for mobiles which is something we’ve been working on. Our fully optimised site will be launched in the next couple of months. We are behind on this but it is hard sometimes getting it all right. We also want to make sure we get it as best as it can be before launching a fully optimised version.

Are there any plans for Flux to acquire a native app soon?

There are plans but again we have to make sure it is right for us before we launch.

In what way do you see the digital future shaping for the fashion ‘etailers’?

Well there’s no going back. The genie has left the bottle. It’s more a case of how to encourage physical stores to respond and make the shopping experience more than just trying to part you from your cash. Plus the same for etailers. Shoppers I think want more than just being sold to. They want an entertaining experience that fits in with their lifestyle and even ethos.

You were previously a Curator for the independent NOISE Festival, what valuable advice did you provide for the creative attendees starting out in the world of online?

I always try and explain how we first started, and that we were armed by naivety and a refusal to give up. We found we had the natural talent and amassed the skills as we went forward. We made many mistakes along the way some of which make me wince now but that’s the only you learn. You have to be afraid to fail, I think you have to have the courage to just jump in and get on with it. Too much hesitancy, is even worse than making lots of mistakes. You have to have some courage.

If you want to get in touch give Lee or Claire regarding advertising, editorial and social networking opportunities email: editorial@fluxmagazine.com.

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