On this week’s edition of ecommerce Insider, we’re talking to the Content Marketing Manager of Ometria — the next generation ecommerce intelligence solution for online retailers. Ometria helps online retailers make better use of data, by offering an ecommerce “intelligence” platform that provides retailers with insights relating to customer behaviour, and product performance and enables them to take subsequent actions — all in the name of attracting the right customers and boosting loyalty for existing ones. And shifting more products, of course. Their customisable dashboards cover KPI tracking, customer lifetime value, detailed product and category insights and funnel analysis of the customer journey across multiple channels.

Ometria was founded in the UK in early 2013 by a team of technical veterans, mathematicians, retail e-commerce and SaaS experts, and is currently serving a $1 trillion industry. Customers include well-known British Brands like John Smedley and Charlotte Tilbury, while Huddle Co-Founders Alastair Mitchell and Andy McLoughlin, and Former eBay and TalkTalk executive, Elisabeth Ling (currently VP Digital at online retailer AlexandAlexa.com) can be counted amongst its host of entrepreneur-backers.

Already boasting so many accolades under its belt for a start-up which only came into operation last year…Poq were indeed curious to ask Hannah Stacey (Ometria’s Content Marketing Manager), what the future roadmap and mobile strategy looks like for its intelligent data-driven solution.

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 (Hannah Stacey, pictured above)

How did the origins for Ometria’s brainchild platform offering first come to form?

Ometria came about when our CEO Ivan Mazour, who is a part-time Angel Investor and had invested in a number of ecommerce businesses, noticed an opportunity in the online retail space. He saw that a lot of retailers were trying to grow their business in the face of intense competition, but could not access important data, have a full view of their customer, or understand exactly how their marketing was performing.

They were using web analytics tools like Google Analytics, as well as Excel spreadsheets, which made it a slow and inefficient task: it needed to be turned into an efficient, instantaneous process, through a piece of cloud-based software specifically tailored for retail. Combining this initial idea with the experience of the other founders, Ometria was born.

What are the main ways in which retailers can benefit from Ometria’s SaaS?

I’d say that the main benefit that Ometria offers online retailers is that it brings all the information they need into one place and shows them what’s important. Who wants to spend all their time trawling through data and trying to make sense of it? Not me, for sure! Ometria connects up data from various touch points to give you a complete view of, for example, who your ‘hero’ customers are, which products you should be promoting, which marketing campaigns are delivering your best customers… basically, the important stuff that you can act upon and see results.

Having taken over Ometria’s content marketing, can you reveal what you have planned up your sleeve, in relation to future mobile marketing campaign strategy?

If we aren’t already there, we’re certainly nearly at a stage where online brands have to be in a ‘mobile first’ mindset. After all, if over twenty five per cent of traffic on the web is mobile (a figure that will only ever increase), you’re immediately estranging yourself from a quarter of visitors if you’re not providing a mobile-friendly experience for them! A lot of our content is, and will continue to be, geared around helping online retailers embrace mobile — for example, we recently wrote about mobile product page best practice, which is something that’s hugely important to successful mcommerce.

Likewise, a major challenge for the industry as a whole is the mobile checkout process: at the moment it’s clunky, bothersome and in need of some innovation if mobile conversion rates are going to match those on desktop. And, of course, we’ll be sure to cover the latest innovation in mobile checkout tech on the blog as it’s released.

Further to this will there be an app available to download for retailers in the not-to -distant future?

It’s not something we’re currently focussing our energies on, however we certainly haven’t written the idea off! Then again, as you can see right on the homepage, the Ometria platform is iPad optimised, and often used that way by the most senior executives in our clients’ businesses.

Can you tell us news on your plans for global expansion?

We’re currently focussed on building our brand in the UK. Obviously world domination is the ultimate goal, and we already serve customers in multiple countries including the US and Russia, and there are a number of very interesting markets that I’m sure we’ll be looking to expand into at some point in the future. We’re an incredibly international bunch here, which I’m sure will prove useful as we expand globally!

Ometria platform has recently been compared to Google Analytics, and the newer functionality capability of GoSquared’s new ecommerce analytics. Do you think these are accurate comparisons, in terms of software usability?

While obviously there’s some crossover, the main thing that differentiates the Ometria platform is our focus on retail, including being built from the very beginning to truly understand e-commerce customers and products — two things that Google Analytics and GoSquared’s platforms aren’t really geared around.

Ultimately, we aim to help online retailers target the right customers with the most relevant products at the best possible time — the two platforms you mention focus more on real-time or general web analytics, and we’ve tried to adapt these to e-commerce after seeing the opportunity in the market.

In addition, as a team we have a significant amount of highly focused knowledge — one of our Founders built and sold an e-commerce business, one of our board members ran a large retailer, and advised companies like Argos on their analytics, and every single day we are working directly with online retailers to help them grow faster and more profitably. This is simply not possible for other companies, who have built a generic web analytics tool and have applied it to this sector amongst a variety of others.

On how Ometria is differentiating itself from others in the e-commerce analytics and business “intelligence” space, Ivan Mazour, founder and CEO, recently told TechCrunch:

“We were built from the very beginning for retailers, taking guidance and feedback only from these, rather than attempting to fit an existing all-purpose solution to this particular segment. We developed a product which would have immediate integration and which would require no complex set-up or customisation”.

Ometria is compatible with commonly used e-commerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify and Hybris. Customers get a 28-day free trial and then pay a monthly subscription. Learn more about Ometria’s data-driven service for retailers: http://www.ometria.com/